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[Compulsory] Consent to the collection and use of personal information

If you are a person who wants to be a member, please read the terms and conditions below.
This terms and conditions are the subject of the changes of government laws and guidelines and the policy changes on this website, therefore, please visit this page on a regular basis to check the contents.

Article 1 (Purpose)

This regulation has a purpose to prescribe the conditions and procedures for membership registration and other necessary matters of 넥스플러스 website

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Change of Rules)

  • ① The contents of this regulation shall be effective upon the consent and notice when joining membership
  • ② In the case where it is acknowledged to have an Operating Committee of this Website, this contents of regulation may be revised (incl. change, delete, add) and the revised contents shall be effective as the same way of ①.

Article 3 (Other Regulation)

The matters are not mentioned on this regulation shall be based on Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act and other regulations of related laws.

Article 4 (The Range of Member of 넥스플러스 Website)

  • ① In principle, only those who registered membership are recognized as members.
  • ② Non-members are not permitted to use specific field of bulletin board.
  • ③ Other matters not mentioned on this Article shall follow the general basis of membership registration.

Article 5 (Duty of Members)

  • ① The member must comply with the prescribed and notified matters in this regulation.
  • ② The formal members shall not do anything of the followings.
  • 1. An act that damages the honor of another person or violates their(or his/her) rights without justifiable reason
  • 2. An act that harms public order or good and laudable customs
  • 3. An act that damages the reputation of this website or interferes with its operation
  • 4. An act that threatens national safety or is deemed to be linked to a crime
  • 5. An act that violates this regulation
  • 6. Other acts in violation of the current law

Article 6 (Restriction on The Membership Registration)

If the followings are applicable, the measures such as membership deletion, move, restricted access of users, suspension of use are taken without any prior warning.

  • ① Where a member violates his/her duty under Article 5
  • ② Where any illegal adult stuffs and pornography are posted or linked to the bulletin board
  • ③ Where any contents infringing copyrights and neighboring copyrights are posted or linked to the bulletin board
  • ④ Where false of fraudulent information is entered when registering the membership.
  • ⑤ Where a commercial advertisement is posted without the consent of a member

Article 7 (Copyrights of The Post on Bulletin Board)

  • ① All rights related to the copyright of the post posted on the bulletin board shall be belong to the publisher of the post.
  • ② The publisher of the post shall bear all responsibility for all legal matters related to the post of the bulletin board.

Article 8 (Changes or Add of Contents)

Where the Operating Committee of this website is determined the necessity, the contents on this website may be added, changed or deleted and that shall be separately posted or notified on the website.

Article 9 (Duty of Operator)

It is not permitted for the operator to reveal, distribute or use a personal information of members obtained related to the membership registration with the commercial purpose without the consent of that person.
However, if the authorization requires it based on the related laws, the operator may be permitted to do so in accordance with the discussion of the Operating Committee of this website.

Article 10 (Maintenance of The Website)

  • ① The publisher of a post shall bear the responsibility of posting, changing or deleting the post on the bulletin board.
  • ② The publisher of a post shall bear the responsibility of backup (keeping the original and the copy) preparing to the loss and damage of the post on the bulletin board.
  • ③ Where an article posted by a specific member or non-member is deemed to give a damage to the operation of this website, the publisher of a post may be advised to correct it or may be restricted his/her access right.

In this case, the publisher of a post shall be notified his/her restriction of access right as immediately as the restriction measure is taken.

Article 11 (Compensation and Indemnification)

  • ① The member shall be responsible for any consequences and loss and damage caused by any activity not permitted by this website and the website does not hold any liability for it.
  • ② The member or the operator does not hold any liability for the case that they violate the regulation due to the irresistible force or natural disaster.
  • ③ The website does not hold any liability for the compensation of all sorts of damage which may be occurred to the member due to the termination of the operation.
  • ④ The website does not hold any liability for the service disruption of the website occurred due to the attributable reason of the member and the member shall compensate to the Company for the damage caused by it.
  • ⑤ The Company does not hold any liability for the reliance, accuracy of the material provided, posted or sent to the member.


Enforcement Date : This Terms and Conditions are enforced from 2nd March 2017.

<Terms and Conditions for the collection and use of personal information>

Collectible Personal Information

The Company collects the personal information as below for membership registration:

  • • Collected Item: Name, Login ID, Password, E-mail, Contact number, Address, Access log, Cookie, Access IP information
  • • Method to Collect: Website (Membership registration)

Purpose of the collection and use of personal information

The Company uses the collected personal information with the following purpose:

  • • Community activation of Daycare Center members who want to use the website

Possession and Usage Period of Personal Information

In principle, the information shall be quashed immediately after the purpose of the collection and use of personal information.
However, for the below information shall be possessed by the Company during the specified period due to the following reasons:

  • • Possessed Item: Name, BOD, Gender, Login ID, Password, Email, Access log, Cookie, Access IP information
  • • Grounds: In accordance with the ID Integration usage policy, the information is possessed by the Company until the member withdraws his/her membership of integrated websites.

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