Recruitment Policy


Recruitment procedure

  • Application Submission
    (public announcement)
  • The 1st interview
    The application for employment is sent by e-mail only to those who passed the document screening. Telephone interview with HR Detailed career Motives for Transfer NEXPLUS’ products Desired annual salary the 2nd interview schedule by e-mail
  • Personality and Aptitude Test
    Personality and Aptitude Test Personality and Aptitude Test through Saramin Website
  • The 2nd interview
    The 2nd interview Team leader,
    Headquarter Manager, HR
    Confirm the content of the telephone interview Confirm the experience and work ability collected through the telephone interview Confirm the date of employment Reply to the interviewer's interview result table
  • Final Acceptance
    Notification of pass/fail Pass: Notification by telephone Fail: Notification by SNS Personnel approval(CEO’s approval) The applicants who passed Information required for employment OJT (5 Days) Fill out the admission documents Company introduction (history, organization) Product and personnel regulations Division Education Company tour

Human resource development

  • Job training
  • Leadership training
  • Statutory training
  • Cyber online training
  • Common training
  • Support for upper school

Evaluation & Compensation System

  • Evaluation System

    Personal performance appraisal Personal performance results associated with organizational goals(KPI)

    Business regulations review Compliance with business regulations based on work assignment

  • Compensation System

    Personal performance appraisal Fairly distribution of performance bonuses based on assessment

    NEXPLUS honor awards Pure gold plaque, incentive, support for vacation



  • Welfare facilities
    Operating various auxiliary facilities Gym, book cafe, lounge
  • Health checkup
    Comprehensive physical examination - once a year (group leader level or above) General physical examination - once a year (implemented by the National Medical Insurance Bureau)
  • Commuter vehicle
    In order to allow employees to commute comfortably and safely during the rush hours, commuter vehicle are provided.
  • Dormitory system
    1 room per person Support dormitory expenses
  • Support for family event
    Support for all kinds of family events Vacation and money for congratulations and condolences, funeral flower stands, and funeral supplies
  • Leisure facilities
    Operating a condominium
  • Cafeteria for employee
    Three meals Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Holiday gifts
    Holiday gifts New Year's Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day